AUGUST 3-4 2018  | 21:00


Prometheus is punished by Zeus for giving fire to humanity. Hephaestus chains Prometheus on steep mountain rocks, with Cratus and Bia keeping watch. Oceanus’ daughters, the Oceanids, lament the hero’s torment. While Prometheus and Oceanus discuss Zeus’ cruelty, another creature that has suffered the wrath of the gods appears; that is Io, Zeus’ mistress, whom he once transformed into a heifer to protect her from Hera’s jealousy, though without any success, since Hera sent a gadfly to relentlessly follow her until the end of the world. Prometheus recounts her past and predicts her fate, which is connected to his own, since a distant descendant of Io is destined to set Prometheus free many years in the future. Prometheus also foresees the fall of Zeus. However, he refuses to disclose the exact circumstances of Zeus’ fall to Hermes, the messenger god. The tragedy ends with a raging Zeus unleashing his thunders against Prometheus, the still-resisting prisoner with the free conscience.

Director's note:

The performance focuses on the power of the speech and the rhythmic and melodious recitation of the text. In order for the speech to be the centre of attention, we avoid expressive dramatic interpretation, insisting on a clear recitation of the words and their meaning. Τhis approach does not mean that the actors' performances lack in theatricality and passion. On the contrary, these are supported by the use of masks and highlighted by the well designed movement. The performance follows a strict musical and movement pattern, allowing the actors to perform and express themselves through a certain aesthetic context.

Translation: Nikoletta Frintzila
Direction: Martha Frintzila
Set design - Music: Vassilis Mantzoukis
Lighting design: Felice Ross
Costume design: Ilianna Skoulaki, Baumstrasse team
Props - Masks: Camilo Bentancor, Baumstrasse team
Movement: Emmanuela Korki
Assistant directors: Michalis Panadis, Theano Metaxa, Giorgos Vourdamis-Mavrogenis, Vassia Balla
Production manager: Ioanna Nasiopoulou
Scientific associate: Iossif Vivilakis
Nikos Karathanos (Prometheus),
Kora Karvouni (Io),
Giorgos Vourdamis-Mavrogenis (Cratus & Bia),
Kostas Vasardanis (Hephaestus, Hermes),
Michalis Panadis (Oceanus)
Chorus of Oceanids: Fonέs (coached by Marina Satti): Evgenia Liakou, Erasmia Markidi, Elena Papadimitirou, Eleni Pozatzidou, Virginia Frangoulatzi, Maria Nika
Musicians: Vassilis Mantzoukis, Panagiotis Manouilidis