When: July 1-10, 2018
Where: Elefsina

Welcome to the 6th Attiko International Summer School of Ancient Greek Drama!


The Summer School will take place from the 1st to the 10th of July at the Old Oil Mill of Elefsis, situated about 18 km northwest from the centre of Athens. The program of the 6th Summer School will focus on the work of the great tragic poet, Aeschylus.

We, the coordinators as well as the participants of the Attiko International Summer School are delighted to announce the participation of our school in the newly established International Network of Ancient Greek Drama by the Ministry of Culture. Our participation in this network comes as a reward for the tireless endeavours of the professors, students and volunteers of the Attiko School for the furtherance and research on ancient Greek drama and marks the beginning of a new era on the study of ancient Greek texts as well as their interpretation in theatre.

The  institutions, which participate in the International Network including educational programs and artistic projects for the furtherance of ancient Greek drama and its importance under a 3-year programme agreement with the Ministry of Culture, are the following: the National Theatre of Greece (in cooperation with European Cultural Centre of Delphi), the National Theatre of Northern Greece, the Athens and Epidaurus Festival with the Epidaurus Lyceum and the Attiko International School of Ancient Greek Drama of Elefsis.

From 2017 the Attiko International School is integrated into the Elefsis 2021- European Capital of Culture action framework.

Our intensive summer school program, conducted by professors from Greece and abroad, will host 50 students. Furthermore, our theatre company will present in August 2018 the tragedy Prometheus Bound in a new translation, with the participation of many renowned actors.

The Summer School is open for everyone over the age of 18 with an interest in Ancient Greek Drama and its modern interpretation, and includes:

70 hours of classes

2 speeches/lectures

2 art exhibitions

5 experimental performances of Greek tragedies 

2 professional performances

1 music performance

4 film screenings

4 hearings

1 educational trip (Marathon, Archaeological Museum)

1 welcome lunch

1 farewell ceremony for awarding the certificates of attendance




HARA KOTSALI "Contemporary Dance"
Discovering and cultivating the essential elements of one's personal kinetic identity.
A dance workshop to hone motion, the most direct language a performer can use on stage.

EMMANOUELA KORKI “The World Is Your Body”
In this four day workshop, participants will explore the “moving body,” both  through self-discovery and observation. How am I present? How do I move? How do I communicate? Through improvisitory and choreographic movement, participants will use the ideas of time and space in order to test boundaries and to play with deep curiousity to discover the myriad ways in which we can move.


THEMIS PANOU "Agamemnon"
Approaching a role in Αncient Greek Tragedy.

KOSTAS BERIKOPOULOS "The verbal aspects of communication"

AKYLLAS KARAZISIS “Finding One’s Voice”
Actor and Director Akyllas Karazisis works with participants to develop and explore their unique theatrical voice and perspective. Using Euripides’ texts as a foundation, Karazisis will lead participants in an interdisciplinary improvisational workshop, leading to the creation of devised theatercial work.

MARTHA FRINTZILA “The Ten Minute Tragedy”
Over the course of one week, students will develop a solo performance of a ten-minute tragedy of his/her choice, in which s/he will play all of the roles. The ten-minute performances will be presented at the end of the workshop session.

In this physical workshop, acrobat, dancer and choreographer Camilo Bentancor questions the idea of physical limitations in performance. Participants will take part in exercises of balance, breath and control, exploring what happens when the body is put into an extreme situation on stage.

Participants will exercise their body, voice and communication skills and learn the basic tenets of stage performance. It will draw from the great tradition of Ancient Greek Theatre and incorporate the community building element of the Ancient Greek Chorus into contemporary theatrical function.

Our lesson will focus on the coordination of a group through rhythmical exercises based on Karnatic music and Gamelan. Using konnakol and other rhythmical phrases we will find a common pulse to breathe on and to develop as a group.

Borrowing from Bobby McFerrin's circle-singing seminars, this workshop will start by examining the exchange of musical idioms and influences. The focus will then lay on developing the musicality of the participants and on nurturing a creative social harmony in an circle constantly redefined by the culture of its members.

Traditional round and duet dances, mixed, for men only or for women only. Ritual dances, war dances, erotic dances, dances for feasts, weddings, dances for grief. Because anything that can't be said, can be danced.

EVENTS  - free entrance

Theater Perfomances
"But one of us in the streets spewed the word 'fire'
Direction: Giorgos Vourdamis Mavrogennis

Aeschylus Prometheus Bound - a poem
DIrection: Martha Frintzila

The dissonance by Dimitris Sotakis
Direction: Michalis Panadis

Mary END John - Work in progress
Direction: Georgia Tsangaraki

Concerts / Music Performances:

Michalis & Pantelis Kalogerakis LIVE

Dance Performances:

Solo Performance - Athanasia Kanellopoulou

Chords and Threads; two performers, one musician and one dancer. Failing and restarting, rewinding and reconstructing, a man and a woman are unfolding a visual and musical landscape of missing objects, situations, people that are seeking their way back, returning from Darkness into Light.

Art Exhibitions:

Painting Exhibition - Alekos Kyrarinis

Exhibition “Puppets and masks inspired by the myth of Prometheus”

The puppets and masks were created by the students of Baumstrasse's Technical Workshops (Workshop instructors: Iliana Skoulaki, Camilo Bentancor)


Ludwig van Beethoven Die Geschöpfe des Prometheus, Op.43 (1801)

Franz Liszt Prometheus, symphonic poem No. 5 (1850)

Alexander Scriabin Prometheus or the Poem of Fire op. 60 (1910)

Luigi Nono Prometeo - Opera (1981)

Film Screenings:

Prometheus Retrogressing (1998) Direction Kostas Sfikas

Delphic Festivals (1927) excerpts from Prometheus Bound by Aggelos Sikelianos and Eva Palmer-Sikelianos

Prometheus Bound (1982) video of the performance. Direction: Karolos Koun

Prometheus Bound (1992) video of the performance. Direction: Spyros Evaggelatos


Archaeological Museum of Marathon