How well do you know Aeschylus?
libation bearers

Find out the right answers in 20 questions and find Aeschylus’ secret advice, in order not to struggle in vain…!

*The right answer is composed by the Greek letters in the multiple choice Quiz, letter by letter

1. Aeschylus was born in:

Α. Salamis

Π. Eleusis

Σ. Megaris

2. His father was:

Κ. Sophillus

Λ. Mnesarchus

Ρ. Euphorion

3. His siblings were:

Ο. Ameinias and Cynegeirus

Ι. Melito and Archelaus

Φ. He did not have any siblings

4. He took part in:

Α. In the battle of Marathon

Δ. In the naval battle of Salamis and Artemisium

Σ. In all the above

5. He died at the age of 69 in:

Κ. Gela

Ω. Macedonia

Π. Tarentum

6. He was an admirer of:

Μ. Democritus and Heraklitus

Ν. Socrates and Plato

Ε. Pythagoras

7. It is said that he died because of a fallen object on his head. That was a:

Α . Tile

Ν. Tortoise

Ο. Snake

8. He succeeded in his first battle in:

Τ. 484 BC

Α. 468 BC

Υ. 455 BC

9. His children were:

Π. Mnesarchus and Mnesilochus

Ρ. Euaeon and Euphorion

Ο. Sophocles and Nicostrata

10. According to Suda (10th century Byzantine Encyclopedia), how many times did he win in dramatic competitions?

Α. 28 times

Β. 20 times

Γ. 4 times

11. According to Suda (10th century Byzantine Encyclopedia), Aeschylus wrote:

Μ. 90 dramas

Λ. 23 tetralogies

Π. 123 tragedies

12. How many of his works have survived until today?

Ε. 18 tragedies and 1 satyr play

Β. 7 tragedies and 1 satyr play

Η. 7 tragedies

13. The Satyr play accompanying the trilogy of Oresteia was:

Η. Cyclops

Λ. Proteus

Α. The Searchers

14. Aeschylus’ innovation was:

Α. The addition of a second actor and the trilogy’s meaningful cohesion

Ψ. The addition of a third actor

Κ. The increase of the Chorus members to 50

15. He visited Sicily:

Θ. Once

Κ. Twice

Ρ. Never

16. In honour of Hiero I of Syracuse he wrote:

Τ. The poem Women of Aetna

Ι. The poem The Lemnian Women

Ξ. The drama Archelaus

17. Oresteia Trilogy’s first play:

Α. Libation Bearers

Ι. Agamemnon

Λ. Eumenides

18. The tragedy Agamemnon is composed of:

Ζ. 1673 verses

Υ. 1006 verses

Μ. 1020 verses

19. The inscription on Aeschylus’ epitaph commemorates him for:

Ι. His contribution to the dramatic art

Ε. His military achievements against the Persians

Α. Unfair death

20. Which of the following plays is not his:

… The Persians-The Suppliants- Prometheus Bound

! Medea- Ajax-

, Oresteia-Seven Against Thebes

(Αnswer: Προς κέντρα μη λάκτιζε! )