Find the right answers and complete Agamemnon’s phrase to Clytemnestra….

….in ancient Greek!

*The right answer is composed by the Greek letters in the multiple choice Quiz, letter by letter

_ _ο_οί_ ι συ_ _ο_ο_ _ον _έσο_ _α _α_ _ίσαι

1. Who makes the Introduction in Agamemnon?

Β. The Watchman

Ε. Clytemnestra

Π. Aegisthus

2. Ἔστιν θάλασσα— τίς δέ νιν κατασβέσει; — is a phrase told by:

Λ. Iphigeneia to Agamemnon

Κ. Cassandra to Clytemnestra

Ρ. Clytemnestra to Agamemnon

3. Who is Clytemnestra’s father?

Τ. Tyndareus

Π. Cadmus

Κ. Aegisthus

4. Who is Menelaus’ father?

Ρ. Thyestes

Σ. Atreus

Λ. Tyndareus

5. The seer that advised Agamemnon to sacrifice his daughter Iphigeneia was:

Τ. Tiresias

Γ. Calchas

Π. Amphiaraus

6. Which is the bird that is often connected to Cassandra?

Γ. Nightingale

Ω. Swallow

Ψ. Magpie

7. Which character only says three verses in Oresteia?

Ι. The Nurse

Ν. Pylades

Μ. The servant

8. What is the name of Orestes’ nurse in the Libation Bearers?

Χ. Maritimi

Ζ. Kassia

Ν. Cilissa

9. In which time of the year does Agamemnon take place?

Τ. Fall

Λ. Winter

Η. Spring towards summer

10. Which God accompanies Orestes on the way to Athens?

Χ. Hephaestus

Ψ. Zeus

Π. Hermes

11. Which Gods make an appearance in Eumenides?

Ν. Athena and Apollo

Β. Zeus and Ares

Σ. Athena and Ares

12. Who announces the death of Aegisthus to Clytemnestra?

Τ. A supplicant

Χ. Oreste’s Nurse

Ξ. The Watchman on the rooftop

13. Who awakes the asleep Eumenides at the Delphi Oracle?

Κ. The Ghost of Darius

Λ. The Ghost of Clytemnestra

Ι. Pythia

14. Aegisthus and Agamemnon are:

Γ. Brothers

Κ. Cousins

Π. Uncle and nephew

15. Who makes the Introduction in the Libation Bearers?

Τ. Orestes

Ξ. Electra

Ψ. The Chorus

(Αnswer:Βροτοίσι σύγγονον τον πεσόντα λακτίσαι/ Στους θνητούς είναι σύμφυτο να κλωτσούν τον πεσμένο)