Attiko Ancient Greek Drama Summer School 2013

The theatre group Dromos me Dentra is organizing the Ancient Greek Drama Summer School program.
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The works of the great Ancient Greek poets –Euripides, Aeschylus and Sophocles- are the main focus of the team’s artistic work. Under the direction of Martha Frintzila the group aims to study, research and present these works.

The choice to be engaged with the Ancient Greek Drama as a genre is directly connected to the language and the location in which the members of the group live in.

The aim of the group is the establishment of a strong institution having an international orientation, which would study the Ancient Greek Drama on a twofold basis: at a theoretical level but also at all stages of a performance, at a particular location in Attica, with the participation and support of the local community.

The first part of the three–year program is carrying out research on the tragedies: Bacchae by Euripides, Ajax by Sophocles and The Persians by Aeschylus engaging the group to work on one tragedy per year.

The annual program for the season 2012-2013 will focus on Euripides’ Bacchae and includes:

These include seminars, lectures, talks, debates, film projections at Baumstrasse Studio over a period of nine months (October 2012-June 2013).

Platon Mavromoustakos (Dean of the Athens University Theatre Studies Faculty)
Iosif Vivilakis (Professor, senior lecturer at the Athens University Theatre Studies Faculty)
Alexandros Karyotoglou (Professor, scholar of comparative religious studies, senior lecturer at the Athens University)
Nikoletta Frintzila (philologist, translator, scholar in linguistics)
Miranda Terzopoulou (ethnologist, Folklorist)
Martha Frintzila (actress, director)
Angela Brouskou (actress, director)
Josef Frucek (actor, dancer, choreographer)
Linda Kapetanea (dancer, choreographer)
Vassilis Mantzoukis (music composer, set designer)
Camilo Bentancor (actor, director, acrobat)
Panagiotis Tsevas (musician, actor)
Mania Maratou (musician, storyteller)
Dimitra Vlangopoulou (dancer, actress)

The program lasts for ten days and takes place at the Old Oil Mill of Eleusis. It includes workshops as well as performances and events by Greek and foreign artists.
The Summer School program is open to any person over 18 years of age who is motivated and interested in discovering the Ancient Greek drama and its modern rendition.

At the Aeschylia Festival of Ancient Greek Drama of the Municipality of Eleusis, Attica
Euripides- BACCHAE