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When: July 1-10 2015
Where: Old Mil of Eleusina
Theme: Aeschylus

We welcome you to the 3rd year of the International Ancient Greek Drama Summer School!
The Summer School will take place between 1-10 July at the Old Oil Mill of the Municipality of Elefsina. The works of the 3rd International Ancient Greek Drama Summer School are focused on the great Elefsinian Tragic Poet Aeschylus and are part of the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Aeschylia Festival.

The Summer School is intended for 40-50 students over 18 years of age from Greece and abroad and it will include:

67 hours of classes
1 five-hour masterclass
6 experimental performances
2 speeches/lectures
3 two-hour projections
1 two-hour hearing
1 educational excursion (Salamina island)
1 welcome lunch
1 farewell ceremony for the award of the certificates of attendance

For the participants of the Summer School, there is a designated guesthouse without any charge (hosting does not include linen).
For those wishing to book their own accommodation, there are special price offers from the local hotels.

The teachers of the Ancient Drama Summer School will be:
Maria Kehagioglou (actress, acting teacher)
Martha Frintzila (actress, theatre director, acting teacher)
Camilo Bentancor Gallardo (actor, acrobat, acting teacher)
Savina Yannatou (singer, composer, voice teacher)
Nicholas Spanos (singer, composer, voice teacher)
Athos Danellis (shadow puppet theatre master)
Andreas Segditsas (traditional dance teacher)
Nikoletta Frintzila (translator)


MARIA KEHAGIOGLOU The Actor Present THE LIBATION BEARERS (duration 10 hours)
Everything from reading a play to its representation. Aiming towards exposure to open space and with our body and voice as our only instruments, the second play of Aeschylus's trilogy, the Libation Bearers, will work as a vehicle and key for the confrontation with the scale of a lament, a murder and an escape.

MARTHA FRINTZILA Endless Lament THE PERSIANS (duration 10 hours)
Τhe messengers's speech, the words of the tragic witness of the total destruction of the Persian army, is the workshop material.The workshop explores the connection of sight with speech; how the messenger's words activate the audience, reviving the drama, and make the spectators participants in passion.

CAMILO BENTANCOR Actor ex machina -Use of the mask (duration 10 hours)
The acrobat, dancer and choreographer Camilo Betancor introduces us to the function of the mask, from ancient times until the improvised commedia. The participants will work on the techniques of the pantomimo and the use of the mask. This is a workshop that brings the performer's body to its limits. The workshop is for professional and amateur actors, dancers and acrobats and all those interested in engaging with the centre of theatrical action.

SAVINA ΥΑNNATOU The Voice as a Phenomenon (duration 7,5 hours)
Outside the predefined standards and codes of speech and singing, Savina Yannatou introduces the voice as a phenomenon. Through group improvisations and without using any sheet music, students explore their inner voice and follow it to its source. The voice expands and shrinks, it gets gigantic, it balances and dances without boundaries. The workshop explores the voice and its mysteries, targetting a voice-transcendent experience.

NICHOLAS SPANOS Voice laboratory - masterclass (duration 5 hours)
Getting familiar with the 'Body' of the Voice and its 4 dimensions. The count tenor Nicholas Spanos will give a masterclass for the qualitative use and management of the human voice.

ANDREAS SEGDITSAS Traditional Greek Dances (duration 6 hours)
Traditional round and duet dances, mixed, for men only or for women only. Ritual dances, war dances, erotic dances, dances for feasts, weddings, dances for grief. Because anything that can't be said, can be danced.

Shadow Puppet Theatre:
ATHOS DANELLIS Prometheus Bound (duration 8 hours)
Reconstructing Prometheus's Myth. The actor serving a shadow- puppet. Constructing the figure-role, the students will be introduced to Shadow Puppet Theatre, construct the Shadow of their role and be called to serve it.

NIKOLETTA FRINTZILA In the words of Aeschylus (duration 8 hours)

IOSSIF VIVILAKIS The Gods of Aeschylus (duration 2 hours)

Experimental performances:
Translation Nikoletta Frintzila
Direction Theano Metaxa

Translation Nikoletta Frintzila
Direction Martha Frintzila
Music Vassilis Mantzoukis

Translation Nikoletta Frintzila
Direction Michalis Panadis

Aeschylus THE EUMENIDES - video art
Translation Nikoletta Frintzila
Direction Fenia Tsami

Direction Alexandra Tavoulari
The enigmatic face of Cassandra in theatre.

Aeschylus AGAMEMNON Commedia dell' Arte al Improvisata
Direction Camilo Bentancor
Gigs, masks, characters, flips,music and songs, through the mirror of the improvising form of Commedia, unfold in front of our eyes the Curse of the House of Atreas, unexpected and full of surprises.

Pier Paolo Pasolini Appunti per un Orestiade africana, 1975
Art Theatre Carolos Coon ORESTEIA, 1982
Yannis Tsarouhis SEVEN AGAINST THEBES, 1982

Yannis Christou THE PERSIANS, 1965

Archaeological tour in Salamina island (duration 6 hours)